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As Paddle acts as a reseller for Boxysuite, please contact them directly as Boxysuite is unable to make any changes for all billing and subscriptions. Boxysuite can only respond to technical support issues.

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<aside> 💡 Download Boxysuite 👉 https://www.boxysuite.com/download/


<aside> 💡 Account settings 👉 https://account.boxysuite.com/login


<aside> 💡 Reset or forgot password 👉 https://account.boxysuite.com/forgot



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How to update Boxy Suite

What is Boxysuite?

Built from the ground up, Boxysuite is a native macOS suite of powerful, lightweight apps for Gmail ✉️ , Calendar🗓️, Keep📒 & Contacts📇

Are these apps web wrappers?

Yes, these apps work by wrapping the web services in native containers, restyling them to look better and more responsive, and adding native features to enhance the desktop experience. However, unlike a simple wrapper, Boxysuite has the added benefit of a menu driven launcher like a macOS app and integration with the Boxysuite Gmail, Calendar, Keep, and Contacts.

Are these apps safe?

We don’t read or store Google account credentials nor do we have any access whatsoever to user accounts. Boxy Suite apps behave like browsers but better with custom styling and native features built on top for faster performance and security. By making direct connections to your Gmail accounts in Gmail, Calendar, Keep, and Contacts, there is less risks of man in the middle attacks.